Which Cappuccino Machine is Best for You?

Bravilor Bolero XL Coffee Machine

When you pass through your favourite high street coffee shop on the way to work to pick up a cappuccino before you reach your office each day, it’s great. Many of us wish we could make a cappuccino when you arrive home from work to forget a difficult day and relax with your family. You can, if you buy one from a range of cappuccino machines from your favourite supplier. In fact, you could start making it at home in a travel mug, too, and save yourself quite a few quid each and every week.

Having a cappuccino maker at home means you can enjoy your favourite brand of coffee, without having to leave your home when it’s cold and wet outside.

Experimenting at Home

With your own machine at home you can experiment with different cappuccino flavours, simply by choosing from a range of espresso coffees and by your choice of sprinkling over the foam. While many people choose to sprinkle cocoa on their cappuccino, cinnamon works well and you can always add vanilla or chocolate flavouring to your coffee. If you get bored with one particular type of cappuccino, you can just change the coffee whenever you want and enjoy a different blend.

Choosing from the many cappuccino machines can add a great addition to your kitchen or you might like to give a gift of the coffee maker to a friend or family on their birthday, at Christmas or for no particular reason, apart from sharing a great hot and fancy bevviewhen you visit them!

If you drink fancy coffees often, the cost of purchasing a machine will quickly be recouped.

Choosing Your Cappuccino Maker

After spending a few minutes online and the world’s favourite dotcom store, you will quickly see the range of cappuccino machines starting at around £60, but incredibly, you can also spend £1500+ more.

All cappuccinos are made from espresso coffee, so you will be able to choose from around four different types of espresso makers. You can buy a steam machine, a pump and piston version, a fully automatic machine or a palin espresso maker. The automatic machines are, not surprisingly, the most expensive.

Steam powered machines are the lowest cost cappuccino machines on the market. If you’re extremely serious about your cappuccino consumption, you will probably want to go slightly upmarket.

If you want to create the best steam and pressure, a piston pump machine will likely serve you well.

If your budget allows you to purchase one of the automatic cappuccino machines, you won’t have to worry about grinding the beans or steaming the milk, as the machine will do everything for you, being computer-controlled and temperature driven.

If your budget is at the lower end of the spectrum, you will be able to purchase an adequate cappuccino maker, but spending more will make the final experience much more enjoyable. Whatever you choose, if you are a coffee aficionado you’ll enjoy experimenting at home to find your inner barista or baristo.