Myths About Coffee

Iced, black, or blended – however you take your coffee, you’ll most likely think you know everything there is to know about the energizing, earthy drink (or you think you do after a cup or two)!

Fresh Coffee
Unfortunately, that may not be the case. Even the most confident of coffee aficionados have believed several of the myths and misconceptions about coffee out there. So; sit back, take a sip, and perk up your coffee knowledge as we debunk some of the very same myths and misconceptions.

You should use freshly boiled water  when making coffee

If using fresh coffee grounds to make coffee, one should always leave the kettle to cool for a minute or too after boiling. If you use boiling water, all you’ll be doing is scalding the coffee grounds, making for a bitter-tasting drink. Use water that’s around 95 degrees, and you’ll end up with a much nicer taste.

Coffee Grounds

Darker coffee beans don’t equal a stronger coffee

Sorry, caffeine-junkies! The strength of a coffee pretty much depends on the ratio of coffee to water you use, how long they’re in contact for, which brew method you use, and a few other factors – but none of them are related to the colour of the coffee beans.

Coffee Beans

Coffee doesn’t belong in the fridge!

Even if the back of your coffee pack says so, never store your fresh ground coffee or coffee beans in the fridge! A frequent change in temperature – AKA opening and closing a fridge door – can cause condensation to build up. If this happens, it can absorb all of the flavour from the coffee before you even have a chance to drink it. Aim to store your coffee in a air-tight container or a resealable pouch instead.

Coffee Beans & Fresh Ground Coffee

The best coffee comes from Columbia

We aren’t bringing classic coffee-growing countries down of course, but there are countless other countries out there which are proving to be pretty promising when it comes to producing cups of perk-me-up. Fair Trade and Ethical Coffee Producers have been recommended by many coffee experts.

Fairtrade Coffee

No need for cuts

Legend has it that you need to use a blend of lower-quality robusta beans with higher-quality Arabica beans to get the foam on top of an espresso – or the ‘crema‘. This has been disproved by plenty of coffee experts, who see no reason to mix low and high quality coffee beans. If anyone does this, it’s most likely to cut costs, and has nothing to do with the quality of the espresso at all.

espresso coffee

The flat white – not as new as you’d think

Something has led people to believe that flat whites are a recently-invented, trendy drink. In fact, it’s just a twist on a cappuccino. In Italy, original cappuccinos are made with a shot of espresso, a little milk, and a small amount of foam. In other countries, this ratio got skewed until cappuccinos became very milky, frothy drinks. To get the original intensity back, the flat white was devised in Australia and New Zealand.

Flat White Coffee


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