ESE Pods or Easy Serving Espresso Pods

PureGusto Arabica Origins Variety Pack ESE Coffee Pods x 100

ESE or Easy serving Espresso pods are sealed coffee pods intended particularly for use in ESE compatible espresso machines. ESE Pod is a small, tightly packed coffee disk with a filter paper covering just like a tea bag. When you wish for a shot of espresso, you just add the pod to your espresso machine.

The coffee pod is placed within a pod adaptor in a normal espresso machine or inside the brewing chamber of a coffee pod brewer.

Many people seem to get mystified between Espresso Pods and Espresso Capsules. ESE Pods are round pod that are placed inside a special filter in your espresso machine  to have your machine prepare a perfect  shot of espresso. But espresso capsules are another way to create a single shot of perfectly measured espresso which needs a single-serve espresso machine that is attuned with the capsule.

One of the main advantages of easy serving espresso pod is its convenience. The pods are already tampered well and are pre-dosed, so they stay undamaged in the paper filter. Once done, all we need to do it is to dispose it like a tea bag. ESE Pod systems are very fast and more convenient with less of a mess and more consistent taste.