Can Coffee Help You Live Longer

Drinking as many as eight cups of coffee a day could help you live longer, study says.

In a study of around half-a-million British adults, coffee drinkers were found to have a slightly lower risk of death over a 10-year follow-up period than non-coffee drinkers.
The apparent longevity boost comes as yet another piece of good news for coffee lovers, with health benefits recorded in drinkers of instant, ground and decaffeinated coffee.
Late last year, researchers at the University of Southampton in the U.K. found people who drink three or four cups of coffee every day could significantly reduce their chances of early death.

Drinking coffee could boost your chances of a longer life, research shows, even for those who consume as many as eight cups a day.

In a study of around half-a-million British adults, coffee drinkers were found to have a slightly lower risk of death over a 10-year follow-up period than non-coffee drinkers.

The apparent longevity boost comes as yet another piece of good news for coffee lovers, with health benefits recorded in drinkers of instant, ground and decaffeinated coffee. The study is also the first of its kind to suggest health benefits in people with so-called genetic glitches affecting how their bodies react to caffeine.

Health benefits

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) used data from people taking part in a genetic study called the U.K. Biobank. The participants of that study volunteered to give blood and answer detailed health and lifestyle questions.

For the latest study, published Monday in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s JAMA Internal Medicine, NCI researchers analyzed information provided by approximately 500,000 people, who answered questions about coffee consumption, smoking and drinking habits, medical history and more.

Around 14,200 of those same people died in the 10-year follow-up period. However, the researchers found people were more likely to live longer with nearly every level and type of coffee consumption.

Overall, coffee drinkers were found to be about 10 percent to 15 percent less likely to die than non-coffee drinkers during a decade of follow-up checks. The differences recorded regarding the amount of coffee consumed and genetic variations were minimal.

Other studies have claimed substances in coffee might reduce inflammation and improve how the body uses insulin, which could decrease the likelihood of developing diabetes.

Late last year, researchers at the University of Southampton in the U.K. found people who drink three or four cups of coffee every day could significantly reduce their chances of early death.

Gaggia D90 commercial espresso machine

For more than half a century, Gaggia has been delivering with innovative, state-of-the-art coffee machines for both homes as well as cafes. The name Gaggia is almost identical to espresso. Italian pioneer Achille Gaggia has been called as the Father of the Modern Espresso Machine. He changed the world of espresso brewing by discovering first lever piston espresso machine in 1948.

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The Gaggia D90 Evolution is a top range commercial espresso machine that is designed for non-stop work in the busiest of locations. Body is made of solid steel panels and its components are of high quality. The Gaggia D90 is perhaps one of the best coffee machines ever made.

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ESE Pods or Easy Serving Espresso Pods

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ESE or Easy serving Espresso pods are sealed coffee pods intended particularly for use in ESE compatible espresso machines. ESE Pod is a small, tightly packed coffee disk with a filter paper covering just like a tea bag. When you wish for a shot of espresso, you just add the pod to your espresso machine.

The coffee pod is placed within a pod adaptor in a normal espresso machine or inside the brewing chamber of a coffee pod brewer.

Many people seem to get mystified between Espresso Pods and Espresso Capsules. ESE Pods are round pod that are placed inside a special filter in your espresso machine  to have your machine prepare a perfect  shot of espresso. But espresso capsules are another way to create a single shot of perfectly measured espresso which needs a single-serve espresso machine that is attuned with the capsule.

One of the main advantages of easy serving espresso pod is its convenience. The pods are already tampered well and are pre-dosed, so they stay undamaged in the paper filter. Once done, all we need to do it is to dispose it like a tea bag. ESE Pod systems are very fast and more convenient with less of a mess and more consistent taste.


Which Cappuccino Machine is Best for You?

Bravilor Bolero XL Coffee Machine

When you pass through your favourite high street coffee shop on the way to work to pick up a cappuccino before you reach your office each day, it’s great. Many of us wish we could make a cappuccino when you arrive home from work to forget a difficult day and relax with your family. You can, if you buy one from a range of cappuccino machines from your favourite supplier. In fact, you could start making it at home in a travel mug, too, and save yourself quite a few quid each and every week.

Having a cappuccino maker at home means you can enjoy your favourite brand of coffee, without having to leave your home when it’s cold and wet outside.

Experimenting at Home

With your own machine at home you can experiment with different cappuccino flavours, simply by choosing from a range of espresso coffees and by your choice of sprinkling over the foam. While many people choose to sprinkle cocoa on their cappuccino, cinnamon works well and you can always add vanilla or chocolate flavouring to your coffee. If you get bored with one particular type of cappuccino, you can just change the coffee whenever you want and enjoy a different blend.

Choosing from the many cappuccino machines can add a great addition to your kitchen or you might like to give a gift of the coffee maker to a friend or family on their birthday, at Christmas or for no particular reason, apart from sharing a great hot and fancy bevviewhen you visit them!

If you drink fancy coffees often, the cost of purchasing a machine will quickly be recouped.

Choosing Your Cappuccino Maker

After spending a few minutes online and the world’s favourite dotcom store, you will quickly see the range of cappuccino machines starting at around £60, but incredibly, you can also spend £1500+ more.

All cappuccinos are made from espresso coffee, so you will be able to choose from around four different types of espresso makers. You can buy a steam machine, a pump and piston version, a fully automatic machine or a palin espresso maker. The automatic machines are, not surprisingly, the most expensive.

Steam powered machines are the lowest cost cappuccino machines on the market. If you’re extremely serious about your cappuccino consumption, you will probably want to go slightly upmarket.

If you want to create the best steam and pressure, a piston pump machine will likely serve you well.

If your budget allows you to purchase one of the automatic cappuccino machines, you won’t have to worry about grinding the beans or steaming the milk, as the machine will do everything for you, being computer-controlled and temperature driven.

If your budget is at the lower end of the spectrum, you will be able to purchase an adequate cappuccino maker, but spending more will make the final experience much more enjoyable. Whatever you choose, if you are a coffee aficionado you’ll enjoy experimenting at home to find your inner barista or baristo.


How To Always Choose The Best Coffee Maker

Gaggia Carezza Deluxe Coffee MakerJura Impressa C50Bravilor: RLX 585

Why is it, that when you visit a friend’s house, they are frequently able to present you with a great coffee, often much better than the coffee you can make in your own home? The challenge can be met by choosing the best coffee maker that suits your favourite brewing system and your finest choice of coffee.

There are literally hundreds of different coffee makers offered by the many manufacturers around the world and your local superstore or online provider may have 30 or 40 different options available to you. It’s difficult to know which will be best for you without trying them all, which isn’t a realistic option. Therefore, reading the online reviews and remembering which coffee machines are used by your best friends, will narrow down your search.

Choose Your Favourite Coffee

Your choice of making coffee might be decided by your choice of coffee. For example, you might need an espresso machine when all of your family are all espresso drinkers. When your favourite is a cappuccino, you might choose a pod machine to bring you the perfect cappuccino every time, or you would have to choose a machine that can steam and boil milk quickly so it can be added to your coffee.

Do you prefer filter coffee, or if you’re given the choice, would you select beans in their raw state that need to be ground before being brewed?

Some people prefer to purchase the same coffee every single week, for many years, making the choice of coffee maker relatively easy. If you’re the type of person that wants to alternate through a range of speciality coffee flavours, a pod machine will probably be your best preference.

Once you have decided which type of coffee you wish to brew, your choice of coffee maker might be down to 10 or so different options, especially after taking into account purchaser’s reviews.

How Much Are You Going To Drink?

Where you are single, have few visitors and only drink one coffee every day, you are going to choose a different coffee maker or brewing system to a large family who all drink coffee and entertain visitors every single day of the week. Once you are able to calculate your family’s consumption of coffee, you should compare this to the suggestions offered by the coffee manufacturers.

Your budget is vitally important, because if you have set aside £50 to replace your current coffee brewing facilities, there is no point in looking at the machines that retail at several hundred pounds. Fortunately, most manufacturers offer a machine in each of the different price ranges so they won’t lose out on sales.

When you look at the various coffee machines available for your choice of brewing system and in your budget range, it makes sense to purchase a model that is likely to offer spare parts in the distant future, because replacing an individual part will cost far less than updating to a new machine.

Comparing and experimenting is essential when you need to update your coffee making facilities and is just as important as choosing the right coffee to suit your taste.

Why Fair Trade Coffee Is So Good For You

You may have heard or read about fair trade products, but have you been exposed to the possibility of buying some in your local superstore? Some shops group all of the fair trade products together, while others place fair trade coffee along with all the other coffee products. Isn’t it about time you found out what fair trade coffee is and how you can purchase it?

What Exactly Does Fair Trade Mean?

Fair trade is essentially a certification that guarantees where a product originates from. There’s a common history to the many fair trade products which began life all over the world. The certificate means that farmers have received a fair price from the goods so that their communities and the environment can benefit properly, morally and effectively.

The idea behind the fair trade experience is that the purchase supports a much better life for farming families in the various parts of the developing world because they are being offered fair prices for the product while the community is being developed and instead of thinking short-term and taking short-term profits, the farmers and the community are being helped with environmental practices and education.

The farmers of fair trade coffee are able to sell their own harvests with the knowledge that they are using long term contracts arranged with international buyers. They are being taught how to manage their business and how to market and compete with other coffee providers across the world.

Farmers Receive A Fair Price For Their Harvest

Instead of exploiting developing countries and buying coffee at the lowest possible prices, when farmers receive a fair price for their coffee, the idea is that they will be able to invest personally in the family’s health care and education while running a business and enabling them to reinvest some profits to boost the quality of the operation while protecting the environment.

Ideally, fair trade coffee certification hopes to move farming families from low levels of poverty through trading their coffee harvest, instead of depending upon aid supplied by other countries and charities.

 Fair trade products, for example, are labelled as fair trade in the UK so that you can support the product and the ideals quite easily, but the product will cost you more than the superstore’s own white label product, which may have been sourced from farmers who are not part of the fair trade certification and therefore are not being paid properly for the product.